2020 lexus rx 350

The premium crossover has become more driverly and received a touch screen multimedia system with voice control.
exus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology
Restyling in 2019 brought the RX a few notable changes in appearance and improved electronics. We are waiting for the crossover in Ukraine at the end of this year.

ecently, Lexus RX, one of the leaders in the premium crossover segment in the world and in Ukraine, passed world test drives. What has changed in the Lexus RX 2020 MG (model year), what new technologies the car received, how much all this has affected the nature of the novelty – you will find all the answers below. And also a bonus test drive of historical Lexus RX models!
Lexus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology
Lexus RX 2020: even sharper, even sportier
This is how the changes in the appearance of the Lexus RX 2020 can be described. The main headlights became narrower and thinner, the fog lamps “moved” to the lower part of the bumper and changed their shape – it’s the easiest way to identify the updated car by the changed headlights. Of course, such changes were pulled by others: a new grille and plastic front bumper. At the back, the changes are similar: a different bumper, and the graphics of the lamp-filler segments – horizontal stripes rise up to the end of the lamp: a similar solution visually expands the car and gives a clear outline of the body border. And in general – it’s just beautiful. Traditionally, the original appearance for the F Sport version has been prepared: its front bumper with air intakes in the “cheeks”, a diffuser insert at the bottom of the rear bumper.
Lexus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology
A similar situation with the cabin. In general, the interior has retained its former style and high-quality finish; the F Sport version is distinguished by its own devices, steering wheel, and decor. The main visible change is the abandonment of the inconvenient joystick in favor of the touchpad, which has already been encountered in more modern Lexus models. And also – really it happened ?! – Touch screen, with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.Lexus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology

imensions are as follows: length – 4890 mm, width – 1895 mm, height – 1710 mm, wheelbase – 2790 mm. In general, the new things (what’s inside, what’s outside) are made so carefully so as not to offend the existing owners of the fourth-generation RX, but also clearly highlight the 2020 MG car, which is important for new customers. The display is now a touch, uncomfortable joystick is also replaced by a touch panel. There are other changes …Lexus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology

Motors are old, new technologies
The Lexus RX 2020 engine range remained unchanged: a gasoline 2-liter turbo engine (RX 300), an atmospheric 3.5-liter V6 (RX 350), and a hybrid based on it (RX 450h). In the latter case, a separate electric motor is responsible for the rotation of the rear wheels, and instead of a traditional transmission, a hybrid based on a planetary gear is used. The rest of the RX versions are equipped with classic all-wheel drive and a hydro-mechanical “automatic”.Lexus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology

What has changed is the body and chassis. So, the body received 25 new welding points and 4.2 m of adhesive joints, which should make it more rigid, and the car’s behavior more assembled. The suspension has been retuned, the anti-roll bar has become thicker, the shock absorbers are now made using the FCD (Friction Control Device) technology – they are better tuned to compensate for small vibrations when driving on bad roads. The Lexus Safety System + safety complex has also improved: for example, the auto-braking system now detects pedestrians even at night (previously only during the day) and has learned to recognize cyclists.Lexus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology

If all changes Lexus RX 2020, then I use the words “cut” or “grinding”: point improvements to make the car better and meet the needs of the new time. For global change, there was a place in the headlights: the new adaptive light technology BladeScan.

What it is? Inside the headlights there are LEDs and rotating mirrors, similar to a fan – during rotation, the latter literally “spray” the light beam across the entire width of the road. At the same time, the LED can turn on / off very quickly (the claimed system response time is 50 ms), eventually leaving some sectors of the road without lighting: when you need to “cut” an oncoming car in order to avoid blinding its driver.Lexus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology

I still can’t say how well everything is working, because the test drive of the cars was carried out in the daytime. But Lexus claims that the new technology can almost double the length of the light beam: up to 56 m versus 32 m with conventional adaptive headlights. At the same time, “cut out” smaller sectors, leaving a larger coverage area.

The main changes in the cabin are concentrated around the screen of the multimedia system for the top versions of the crossover. The diagonal of the screen, as before, is 12.3 inches, but now it is touch-sensitive and has different proportions. There was a voice control and functionality of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

You can control the multimedia system using the touch panel on the center console. In the basic configuration, RX offers the already familiar info center with an 8-inch screen and old functionality.Lexus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology

The crossover received an improved electronic active safety complex, which introduced the recognition function of cyclists and increased the foresight of cameras at night. For the Lexus RX 2020 model year with an extended wheelbase – RXL, the third row of seats is now folding.

Added crossover and driving character. A press release reports that the Lexus RX has become “more stable on the road and more predictable to drive.” This was achieved by measures to increase the rigidity of the body by adding welded points and seams, reinforced anti-roll bars, a retuned chassis with new springs and shock absorbers, and an electric power steering with new settings.Lexus RX 2020 Test Drive Review and More Sport and Technology

The power units of the updated Lexus RX, RXL and RX F Sport are the same as those of similar models of the current brand line. Depending on the market, the RX is offered with units of 238, 300 and 313 hp.

The release of the updated Lexus RX family will begin in the third quarter, while dealers expect cars closer to the end of the year.