2020 Audi R8

Audi R8 2020 Test Drive ReviewThe modern Audi R8 2020 is a great sports car. The available V10 engine makes it easy to feel true speed. In addition, you can enjoy smooth running and dynamic control. The interior looks great, and the seats impress with comfort. If you mention the disadvantages, unfortunately, even this car did not do without them, first of all it is a high level of fuel consumption, in addition, rivals offer a better list of equipment.
Audi R8 2020 Test Drive Review
New in 2020
The base engine received 30 additional horses
Slightly refreshed the salon
The V10 Plus was renamed the V10 Performance
Who should buy?
If you are looking to break the dynamics and do not mind paying a heavy price, then R8 is what you need. Although, it is by far not the only notable option. Take a look at the Nissan GT-R and Acura NSX, both of which cost significantly less.Audi R8 2020 Test Drive Review

New or used car?
The Audi R8 is one of the generations to see the world in 2017. There have been several notable changes for 2020. Yes, the base engine has become more powerful by 30 horsepower, and has also slightly refreshed the interior and exterior. 2018 includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As a result of the 2017 redesign, potential owners have been able to enjoy a more sophisticated interior, a new 12.3-inch digital dashboard display known as the Virtual Cockpit and more powerful engines. If you look at older R8 models, you can save a lot, but then you have to give up all the upgrades.Audi R8 2020 Test Drive Review

The Audi R8 is designed for two people only. The seats are in good shape, reliable support and a high level of comfort. They are also suitable for long journeys. The electric drive facilitates the process of finding a comfortable position. The racing seats of the V10 Perfomance are perfect for track situations, but they are not so comfortable for everyday life. There are unlikely to be many people who do not like the Audi saloon. Suitable for a car of this level are presented only luxury materials and incredibly high quality. Considering that the car is fully focused on the dynamics, it is not necessary to count on at least adequate cargo volume, 226 liters is all you can use. The R8, however, includes dual-zone automatic climate control, MMI infotainment system, Bang & Olufsen audio, digital display of the Virtual Cockpit dashboard, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, satellite radio, HD radio, navigation , two USB ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, handwriting recognition and voice control.Audi R8 2020 Test Drive Review

All R8 models have V10 engines and a seven-speed automatic transmission. The standard V10 offers 560 horsepower. The Performance model with another V10 engine will please 610 horses. It’s not hard to guess that the R8 is a very fast car. The powertrain pleases power lovers with a clear growl. The maximum speed of the Audi R8 is limited to 343 km / h in the standard model and 331 km / h in the V10 Performance. Spends, meanwhile, a lot. The fuel consumption of the base engine is 19.4 l / 100km in urban, 9.1 l / 100km in the country and 12.9 l / 100km in mixed cycles. The more powerful version of the V10 will draw 20.0 l / 100km in the city, 9.0 l / 100km outside and 13.1 l / 100km on average. Supercars have to be athletic and the R8 is just that. Coupe and convertible ensure precise steering and incredible agility. Powerful brakes inspire confidence, and the all-wheel drive system of the Audi R8 Quattro impresses with grip in all circumstances.Audi R8 2020 Test Drive Review

Audi 2020 models have received a four-year or 80,467 km run of limited warranty. As for crash tests, the usual institutions have not tested the R8, which is generally the case for supercars. Of the standard safety features, the R8 has only a rearview camera and rear parking sensors.

The length of the R8 is 442 cm and weighs from 1.645 to 1.795 kg.Audi R8 2020 Test Drive Review

Options are available
All R8 models are almost identical in terms of interior quality and equipment list. Choosing the right option comes down to two questions. Do I want an almost race car? Do I want a convertible? If both questions are negative, only one coupe model remains. When choosing a cabriolet, the R8 Spyder is at your service. If you wish to go on the track from time to time, you can focus on the Audi R8 V10 Performance coupe. The standard R8 comes with leather trim, power-heated sports seats and a 12.3-inch MMI infotainment system, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi hotspot, and more. Power is responsible for the V10 engine at 560 horsepower. The drive is standard full. There are not many options for this model, but you can consider the dynamic V10 Performance as an alternative. It features standard racing seats and a sport-tuned suspension. The engine guarantees 610 horsepower. The main difference with the Audi R8 Spyder is that it is a convertible with a folding roof. Optionally, you can choose the high-performance version of the V10 Performance.Audi R8 2020 Test Drive Review

Video of the Audi R8 2020 test drive